web analytics by Wall Web DesignUsing free Google tools to increase webpage Performance

A new client of ours is experiencing a common website visitor to conversion ratio problem. While the pages of the services that the client wants to promote are ranking high on the first page of Google, visitors are not taking the desired actions and plunging deeper into the sales funnel.

To address the problem we have proposed a two pronged solution:

1) Google Event Tracking

We will set up Google Event Tracking to track actions on certain areas of the pages, for example, how many visitors have clicked ‘Download our Brochure’ or ‘Request a Call Back’. We will track the ratio of conversions (someone who has taken an action) to the ratio of visitors on the current page design.

For more information on Event Tracking – Click Here

2) A\B Testing

We will employ A/B Testing. This means we will design a second (or third and fourth) page for the same service but rearrange key ‘Calls to Action’ and messaging information. We will then direct traffic to the different pages and track the ratio of conversions to visitors on each experimental page design. When we see a rise in conversions on a certain page or combination of pages then we will know which page design, architecture, ‘Calls to Action’ and messaging to use.

For more information on A/B Testing with Google Analytics – Click Here

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Hopefully our shared experiences will be of assistance to you and maybe even give you some inspiration and ideas on how to unlock some issues that you are facing in your business.

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