Have you started planning your digital strategy?

When you are preparing your digital strategy you will have to have a plan in place. The best way to do this is to break it in stages. This makes the whole process less daunting. Like any plan it will be easier to tackle it if it has been broken into smaller tasks. When planning your digital digital strategy there are four phases of the plan.


  • Analysis. This will consist of
    1. Identify Target market
    2. Identify the digital tools you will use i.e. social media, blogs, website, PPC etc.
    3. How to develop the best fit for your digital marketing with your traditional marketing campaigns.
    4. Establish and justify the target of the campaigns, page visits, bounce rate, online sales.


  • Development: This is generally the longest and most time consuming phase of the project but will make the rest easier. It will consist of
    1. Consulting within your organisation to make sure that it reflects the business requirements.
    2. It is a time to gather and collate content. This is a time to start thinking about Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.)
    3. Start to design the brand identity. Ensure that logo, colour scheme, text, multimedia and other marketing material reflect the marketing campaign.
    4. Organise third party testing. Use this information to make changes to the content.


  • Implement:
    1. Produce all the online presence. Get the website built, create social media accounts, gather text, have multimedia produced and all other aspects of the campaign.
    2. Commission the web presence and set a launch date.


  • Control
    1. Monitor the technical behaviour and user experience of visitors to the website by using webmaster tools.
    2. Monitor the web traffic behavior and user interactions to see if they are performing as expected.
    3. Monitor the competitive ranking of the web presence across a range search engines and search terms.
    4. Implement any changes in the strategy and the web presence which are indicated by an analysis of the data gathered.


There is a lot to do and it’s not something that will happen overnight. But with anything that you do, if you plan it in advance and break it into manageable tasks it becomes less daunting. Whether you are managing the strategy in house or outsourcing it, having a plan will make it easier in the long term.