Why a pencil is so important to a web designer?


When I start to design a website the first thing that I do is get my pencil and paper. This is my starting point and I can jot down all my ideas 2014-02-17 08.23.46and concepts. It would seem like an odd choice for someone who works in the digital format. But it is the black carbon where all my websites start.

I worked in the medical device industry for over 10 years, which is a regulated environment. I couldn’t use a pencil at work. In fact pencils were not allowed on site. So I always used pens, black pens to be precise. So when I made career change to web design I started to use a pencil again and it was like meeting an old friend.

I have not used a pencil in over twenty. In fact I have a pretty good memory of when I did. It was a Technical drawing exam in College in 1992. I like how it feels and how I write with it. If I make a mistake or want to change something it is easy to change. They are also cheap and I notice that hotels are using them more these days. So there is always a good supply about.

So what has this got to do with web design you ask? It is a great way to sketch out logos, work on layouts and get the initial ideas from my head onto a piece a paper. It is the starting point for any project. Even this article started out on a piece of paper.

Web design has evolved and there is a lot that designers can do now that wasn’t possible a few years ago. So when you are getting your website designed start putting your ideas on a piece of paper. So if you have an idea it is a great way to show it to a web designer.

Also check out if your web designer has a notepad and paper, it’s a good sign.

Why a pencil is important to a web designer?
Article Name
Why a pencil is important to a web designer?
Using a pencil and paper is the starting point of a web design project.