How do I keep fresh content on my website?

In the world of websites and SEO you need to keep adding fresh content to your website. By adding  content we are telling the search engines that the website is active. Creating content requires focus and time. A steady stream of articles with relevant content needs to added to the blog or website on a regular basis. It has been a while since I have written an article. The reason that I have not been writing is that I have been busy with life and have not given myself the time to write. This is probably the excuse that so many people use. But it feels good to be writing again.

So what has been happening that has taken up so much of my time? First of all we had a new baby daughter. This is daughter number three. All are doing well and keeping me on my toes. Then my mother was taken seriously ill. She is recovering very well and is a great relief. She still has not met her new granddaughter and we will rectify that soon. Then lastly I have been very busy with my business. It has been a time of growth for my business. I have been servicing my existing clients, having sales meeting, writing proposals and starting new and interesting projects.

So now things are settling down now after eight weeks and I have my mornings back for creating fresh content. I have been busy over the last couple of weeks planning my blog and gathering content, coming up with list of article titles and writing the first drafts of articles. This has been a great exercise as I have a lot of material to draw on.

I am going to focus on

  • The issues that my customers are experiencing and the solution to overcome these issues.
  • Developing a digital strategy that works for you.
  • The time frame of a digital strategy and the goals to set.
  • How to use your web analytics to your advantage?
  • What social media to use?
  • Why we use social media?
  • How to make your website an effective sales tool?
  • How to use Google to your advantage?

By focusing on the problems that you and your customers face then you will have steady stream of fresh content. By keeping a list of these and drawing on this list it will be a source of fresh content for your blog. When people are searching on the Internet they are very often looking for a solution to problem. So if you are writing about common problems and the solutions you have to solve them then you are helping others. By using the everyday problems that our customers face we can keep our blog up to date and have a great source of fresh content.

I hope that you enjoy following this blog.


Author: Paul Murray

Article Name
How do I keep fresh content on my website?
The common problems that we face each day in our business is a great source of fresh content for our website.